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Permanent Wants Post

So I decided that it was time to make a permanent wants post!  Please note that I cannot afford all of this stuff at once, but if you have any of it for sale please let me know!

Also, I'll specifically mention shiny kids that I'm looking for but... I'm pretty much interested in ANY shiny kids!

Banpresto Contest Piplup, preferably MWT

Also looking for Retsuden stampers that I don't have! I have pictured them in their respective sections.

Piplups/EmpoleonsCollapse )

Treeckos/SceptilesCollapse )

GlaceonsCollapse )

Misc. pokedollsCollapse )

Torchic and MayCollapse )

Thanks for looking everyone!  I will keep this updated ^.^  And if any of these images are yours and you'd like them removed, please let me know!

WHITE 2 ZOMG/Collection picture

So today was a bit of an up/down day.  I found out some bad news about my grades, but I also received 2 TOMY Piplup plushies in the mail (the newer Best Wishes one and the big, SOFT lying down one) AND White 2.  I'm SOOOO excited about White 2!  

Anyway, I would like to post a picture of my Pokemon plush collection that is at college with me:

MY FIRST CUTCollapse )

I'm also REALLY HAPPY right now because yesterday I finally ended my Ponyta MM hunt in White after 3623 eggs (started in March!):

If anything exciting happens to me as far as my other shiny hunts/White 2 playthrough go, I will post here!

First Entry!

Well I guess I'll post my first entry, it's about time since I got an account here at least 3 days ago... >.<  As anyone reading this could tell (hopefully) from my profile, my name is Gabby.  I live in Pittsburgh currently since I go to Carnegie Mellon University (AKA NERD HEAVEN), though I'm only a freshman so I've been here for all of... two months.

Anyway, I'm a huge Pokemon fan!  I just got into collecting recently (I love plush, and I discovered Pokedolls on a trip to New York in April, when I bought a Treecko and a Mudkip... I CAN'T BELIVE I DIDN'T BUY THE PIPLUP!!!) and I've expanded to six Pokedolls (Blitzle, the aforementioned Treecko and Mudkip, Normal Keldeo, a mini Piplup keychain, and a big White Kyurem, both of which I just got and I'm REALLY excited about).  I also have a fluffy Piplup plush, which is my best friend in the world and gets many hugs, and a "sad" Piplup from the "Ganbare" (I think that's what it was called) promotion ^.^  I don't have pictures currently (and I don't have all of them with my right now because I don't have room for everything in my dorm) but I will try to get a group photo when I go home for break.  

My love of Pokemon collecting actually started in the games and got really intense when I got into shiny hunting last year.  I think I have 32 (ish) shinies currently across 3 generations of games (no 2nd gen... so sad) with my favorites being my Sceptile (in White), Kyogre (in Sapphire) and Empoleon (in Platinum, he took me 10.5 MONTHS of soft resetting to find!).  This is why I'm dying inside over the fact that Black 2 and White 2 come out on Sunday but I can't get them until at least Monday because this is parents' weekend and I'll be entertaining Friday-Sunday =,(

I guess that could segway into a little bit of info about my real life.  I am currently undeclared (I'm not allowed to declare yet) but intending to be a Chemistry major.  I would really like to double major but am unsure if I would like to do Math or Biology.  Or maybe a math minor and a double in Biology.... I don't know >.<  I did have my final midterm of the first round yesterday, which was for my Honors Chemistry class (essentially intro chemistry for chemistry majors), which was terrifying!  I [surprisingly] did well on my other midterms, though, so there is hope for me yet!

I guess that's it for my life right now.  If it sounds like we have similar interests please feel free to add me, I don't know anyone who uses livejournal and I'm just experimenting here =D



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